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Our Policy

1. Ensure all furniture is emptied to facilitate the movers in maneuvering items and packing the truck/container/storage unit efficiently. If drawers are not emptied, they will be removed and treated as a separate box. Please secure the drawers to prevent any items from falling out, as we will not be liable for any losses. 2. When hiring movers to load your truck/container/storage unit, please have padding, blankets, tie-downs, and straps ready. These items can be purchased from us; feel free to contact us beforehand for recommendations tailored to your specific needs. If we handle both loading and unloading, these items will be provided at no cost. Kindly refrain from assisting in packing the truck, as we cannot be held responsible for any issues resulting from customer-packed items. 3. Small items must be properly wrapped and packed before being moved by Power Movers Residential and Business Moving. All boxes should be securely sealed at both ends. Fragile and valuable items, such as lamps, small pictures, shades, ceramics, glass shelves, and small mirrors, should be transported in your own vehicle. It is advisable to use padding for fragile items and place them inside boxes to prevent breakage. Please note that we are not liable for any damages incurred during the move.

4. Please inform us about the distance from the parking area to the door, the presence of tight doorways, stairs, elevators, or any additional long walks. Kindly note that there may be an additional charge for such factors affecting the move. 5. Packing services are available at an extra cost. For a quote, please contact us directly. 6. All televisions must be properly boxed or transported in the customer's vehicle. Power Movers Residential and Business Moving will not be liable for any damages to unboxed televisions. 7. Our movers will not disassemble any appliances (e.g., removing doors from refrigerators, etc.). 8. An initial assessment will be conducted upon arrival, and any necessary discussions will be upfront with the customer. The customer is responsible for the time spent on this assessment. 9. Ready-to-assemble furniture (such as modular or Ikea furniture) or items not fully disassembled will be moved at the customer's risk. Feel free to customize these points further to match the tone and style of your moving company's policies.

10. Power Movers Residential and Business Moving will not be held responsible for poorly packed trucks that were not packed by our company. In the event that we unload your truck and items fall out or are damaged upon opening, we will not be liable. The agreed-upon liability is $0.50 (fifty cents) per pound per article. This liability must be approved by the Operations Manager and Claims Department before being assessed. The individual(s) being moved hereby authorize Power Mover Residential and Business Moving to act as their agent for the described move, entrusting the movers (independent contractors) to use their best judgment. The movers accept responsibility for accidental damage and loss of the individual(s) property during the move. Both parties agree to a settlement value of $0.50 per pound per article as the sole compensation for any damage or loss. Both parties explicitly disclaim and exclude liability for wear due to normal use, adjustments, consumable items, loss of revenue, damage from road hazards and accidents, fire, acts of nature (including rain, wind, flood, hail, sun damage), improper packing, and any other economic or moral loss, as well as direct, immediate, special, indirect, or consequential damage.

Movers will not be liable for protecting customers' flooring from dirt or debris. Customers are encouraged to provide their own flooring protection to prevent damage. Power Movers Residential and Business Moving will not be liable for any damage to customers' floors, including wood, tile, marble, or any floor covering. Customers are advised to rely on their insurance company to cover any flooring damage resulting from the move or moving service, including common areas in communities or buildings where items are moved to and from. Power Movers Residential and Business Moving will not be responsible for damage to driveways or parking surfaces. Movers will park as requested by customers, noting that any cracks or damage to ground surfaces during the move are not the movers' liability. Movers are not accountable for items left inside furniture, and they do not assume liability for items loaded into the customer's truck or container by shipping or rental companies. Customers should make arrangements for coverage with these companies. Power Movers Residential and Business Moving does not cover damage to paintings, artwork, glass, marble, stone, or granite under any circumstances. Customers are advised to secure valuables such as jewelry, money, or any items of value before the move.

"Power Movers Residential and Business Moving" is not responsible for any missing or lost valuables, including cash, jewelry, stones, or items of value with sentimental worth. We do not provide installation or hook-up services for washing machines or dryers. If a customer requests our crew members to perform such tasks and they agree, it is at their own discretion. Power Movers Residential and Business Moving shall not be held liable for any issues or damages that may occur after the washing machine or dryer is unloaded from the truck and placed in the designated location. By permitting our crew members to install your washing machine or dryer, you voluntarily assume any associated risks and agree to indemnify and release Power Movers Residential and Business Moving from any claims of loss or damage, including but not limited to water damage, flooring damage, wall damage, electrical issues, or any other damages resulting from the installation or hook-up of the washing machine or dryer, including plumbing connections in the household." This revised version clarifies the responsibilities and liabilities of both parties involved in the installation process. Let me know if you need any further assistance!

Any claims must be made in writing to the company's office within seven (7) calendar days; otherwise, they will be considered NULL and VOID. Power Movers Residential and Business Moving retains the right to refuse to move items that do not comply with the conditions outlined in the moving agreement. The individual(s) being moved agree to indemnify and hold the company harmless for any damages or legal consequences resulting from the actions of the movers as directed by the individual(s) being moved. It is the responsibility of the individual being moved to inspect the work upon completion of the job and report any discrepancies to the Manager. Regarding storage, it is understood that the company will have a general lien on all property deposited with or to be deposited with it. Any goods stored for which storage and other charges are unpaid by the due date may be sold at a private sale or public auction to cover the accrued charges and sale expenses after providing notice to the depositor and complying with legal requirements. If the customer fails to make full payment in an acceptable form when requested by the movers before the move is complete, all items will be loaded and held in storage until full payment is received, subject to additional fees for storage and additional moving charges.

"The individual(s) being relocated acknowledges the inherent risks associated with the move and expects their insurance company to provide coverage for any potential losses or damages. In the event that any part of this agreement is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect as a comprehensive agreement. Verbal warranties, agreements, or claims are not included, and this agreement supersedes all previous agreements, serving as the sole agreement between the parties. I have carefully reviewed the preceding Moving Agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions."

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